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Christian Gomez

ABCD - Any Body Can Dance Hindi Hd Download ##BEST##

vishnu and his proteges then enter dance dil se, their first big stage performance, and prepare for the competition. however, the police are also watching the proteges and decide to intervene, sending them to dance school where they are trained by gopi and the other teachers there. the team is nominated as the jdc team, and the winner receives a large amount of money. gopi and vishnu are surprised that their proteges are so good, but rohan is not, and is very happy for the young men. his mother then meets riya, whom she fell in love with, at a function attended by riya and akshay. akshay is extremely happy to see her, and riya gets teary eyed as she tries to tell akshay that she has seen him dance, but she cannot explain how she knows him.

ABCD - Any Body Can Dance hindi hd download

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meanwhile, jehangir is looking for a new protege to train for dance dil se. he observes their performance and immediately decides to hire them. jehangir wants to win dance dil se, and he is not sure if he can trust the young men. after the performance, jehangir invites the boys to his home for a party, and tells vishnu to take care of them. jehangir then makes a very lucrative offer to the boys and their dance coach, the director of jdc, to join his dance troupe, jdc, which will be the no. 1 dance troupe in the world. riya overhears jehangir tell vishnu that he has offered the boys a contract and wants them to join his company.

now, vishnu has to choose between his proteges and his friend, gopi. he agrees to train the proteges, but in return he wants gopi to arrange for riya to join jehangir. vishnu also wants to get the jdc job, but jehangir says that the other members of the dance troupe, armaan (shahid kapoor) and rehan (siddharth malhotra), have already been chosen. vishnu is determined to join jdc, as he wants to be with riya, but jehangir is not as sure about him. however, jehangir is a very wise man and he knows that vishnu is the best dancer in india, so he decides to take him on.




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