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Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez

Enter the 2nd Dimension with Stick RPG 2: Director's Cut

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At its heart, Stick RPG 2 Director's Cut - like its predecessor Stick RPG - is about time management. Each day you have a certain amount of options of tasks you can perform which give you rewards: jobs for money, crafting tasks - even dating! However, these cost energy so you must rest. Managing your stick persona through their life forms the core mechanic of the game.

I think these people saying "no virus" is the same person, and is trying to pursuade youto think that there is no virus, when there is actually. Don't download it, probably has avirus. Don't trust anything like this, whatever it is. Directors cut, either just buy it,or don't download it! It is fine without!

Even though i did a long time ago and i still trust mediafire, after reading all of thevirus warnings, maybe it's best to not download it. My old laptop got spyware (just likethe malicious software comment below) and i ended up covering the laptop's webcam with apiece of cloth for my own privacy. Not only that, i also got random mouse movements (100%not moving the mouse! ) and the websites close randomly when i search for an antivirus.Plus, it sent me to a youtube video of a song that looks like could be for horror... Idon't think you should download srpg2. Even if it's awesome (it's pretty awesome,but takemy word! ).

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Formed in early 2010, Radiangames is devoted to creating aseries of small and compelling downloadable games. The Radiangamesseries is available through Xbox Live Indie Games. Radiangames wasfounded by 12-year industry veteran Luke Schneider, who previouslyworked on the award-winning Red Faction and Descent series. FollowRadiangames using Facebook, Twitter, or learn more at website.




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